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Something drew me to my blog today. Perhaps it was procrastination. I’d like to think it was something far greater. Perhaps an inner stirring that I could no longer ignore. Or maybe a need to come home to a place where I feel free to explore, share and engage. The one thing I do know […]

I bought myself a new handbag the other day. It is big and I am still not used to carrying it around. It feels like a modern day black leather version of Mary Poppin’s bottomless carpet bag. I have been searching for the ‘right’ bag for a while now. My new bag had to meet […]

Last year I attempted a project where I committed to taking a photo a day for 365 days. If you look at my Flickr page dedicated to this project you will notice there are not 365 photos for you to look at. Some sceptics (including myself) would not be surprised by this. I still haven’t […]

At the moment I am reading one of the journals of May Sarton: Journal of a Solitude. In it she writes of the dichotomy of needing to be with people while at the same time needing to be alone with her thoughts in an aesthetically pleasing environment. I am here alone for the first time […]

Let’s wind back the clock. It is November 2007 and I am in Austin, Texas on holiday visiting our friends Trevor and Amiel Romain. We are sitting at the glass table in their dining room having a chat over a cup of tea – one of Trevor’s favourite drinks. The discussion moves to my blog […]

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