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Third time lucky

Back in 2007, and then again last year, I attempted to complete a project where I took a photo a day for a year,  post it to my blog and write a short reflection. I referred to this as Project 365. I failed in both these attempts to achieve this goal even though I have […]

This afternoon as I was walking down Brooklyn Hill on my way back to work after a doctor’s appointment, I looked at this fence and felt it portrayed me, my life, and how I was feeling: Crooked! We begin As a fresh, clean page. Straight lines are a beginning Everything as it should be The […]

We are surrounded by messages on a daily basis, only we need to be open to receiving them. When we actually see them they make us stop and reflect. They make a difference to us at that moment in time, and perhaps forever. In my new job I spend a lot of time out and […]

We were running late this morning yet we still believed we could catch the 8am bus. We were wrong! As Lynsey and I walked down our drive the bus drove past. “Why didn’t the bus driver recognise us and stop?” I thought. “After all, we’re regulars!” continued the voice in my head. In the past […]

The tulips flowering in our garden have captured my attention. When Lynsey planted these bulbs before the winter set in I longed for the time when they would be blooming. This time has now arrived and I love it. The flowers that are emerging are all different even though their basic shape indicates they are […]

The rain stopped this afternooon. I have no idea how long this reprieve will last – I hope for more than a few hours. It has been raining for so long now that I have almost forgotten what life without rain is like. I feel so water logged. Everything is wet and damp. Everything smells […]

I got told off tonight and I felt like a naughty school child. I was attending a production called The Attic that my nieces Olivia and Elena were performing in. It was held in the quaint hall at the Newtown Community Centre. What made this show even more special was the fact that the whole […]

I was waiting for a bus to take me back to work following a meeting. I turned around to look at the shop window behind me and these items grabbed my attention. Have you ever heard of foot duvets? I know I haven’t. According to the packet “… the Foot Duvet may be the most […]

Hidden angels

The other day as I walking into work there was a man cleaning out the rubbish tin by the front doors to the building. As I looked at him I was overcome by gratitude that there are people like him out there that will do this job on our behalf, and what a difference they […]

Looking up

Look up, not down or straight ahead Waiting to be revealed to you New views, new perspectives, new energy up above and beyond. I had a lunch date with my husband – one of the joys of working back in the city! I was heading back to work and as I was waiting for the […]

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