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Today began with an air of excitement and trepidation. Despite all the planning I felt disorganised. Being unwell didn’t help the situation. I had to make decisions and take action because time was marching by. I kept thinking of a mantra my husband, Lynsey, often recites: I’m efficient and effective and I get things done. […]

Fire engine red

I must be getting older. I find myself being flooded with flashbacks. It seemed to be happening a lot on this trip. Maybe that is what relaxation does for you. We drove past the Hanalei Fire Station. I saw the two fire engines parked beside each other in the garage. They were beautiful to look […]

The chickens or the rocks?

Chickens rule the roost on Kauai. This is definitely chicken nirvana territory. There are chickens absolutely everywhere. Kauai chickens must be equivalent to New Zealand sheep. From the early 1980’s, when NZ was home to over 70 million sheep, the population has declined to around 40 million. This means the oft-quoted statistic, that NZ has […]

All things magical

We were driving along in the car. It wasn’t just any old road – it was the Kuhio Highway. This is the one major road that extends around a large proportion of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai; the oldest and northern most of the main Hawaiian Islands which was formed some six million years ago. […]

Gathering hardware

I can’t remember all the details of everything I am being told or being exposed to. I wish I had a USB port in my head so I could just plug in a memory stick to download some of this information. I am finding the interviews a bit challenging because it seems rude to take […]

I have just been in Melbourne on holiday for six days (planned well before being selected as a FLLinNZ!) and have suffered severe internet withdrawal. The budget hotel we stayed at told me there was no internet access from my room but I could use their coin operated computer which cost a fortune. This however […]

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